VG Women's Library
   [Accredited with "A" Grade by NAAC, Banglore ,2011]

The College has a well equiped computersied library and subscribes to the standard journals both indian and foriegn. The reading room and study room facility are provided throughout the year. The students are required to abid by the Library rules.

  • The library is open to all the regular students.

  • The library is kept open from 8 AM to 5 PM on all working days.

  • The students who fails to return the library books within the prescibed will be fined Rs 1-00 per book per day and will not be allowed to usethe library till the book is returned with fine.this rule is also applicable to the issue of book under UGC and other section as well.

  • Books will be lent to students only on production of their identity card.

  • The Violation of any rules made from time to time, will led to the non-issue
    of library books and may lead to even cancellation of admission from the college.